Madrid Spainish Language School

img Learn Spanish in total immersion! Our Spanish courses start every Monday. We are convinced total immersion is the best way of learning Spanish. Our school offers an innovative way of learning since our Spanish class is held outside of the traditional classroom. We believe teaching has evolved and have adpted to this. With us you will learn in museums, markets, parks, cafes and the most important neighborhoods allowing your ear and brain to get used to Spanish faster! We offer Spanish courses in Spain, one of the top destinations in the world. Students from all nationalities are welcome to learn Spanish in Madrid. From beginnes to intermediate and advanced each Monday we welcome students from all nationalities to take ur courses. Our methodology has allowed us to become one of the most popular options in town. We also have branches in Latin America following our methodology. Our teaching approach is both fun and total immersion based. Our Spanish class is split into grammar, conversation, reading and writing. As opposed to other schools students are evaluated through projects, presentations, skills, and teamwork just as in the real world. An example of our weekly itinerary would be (it would be different each week):

  • Monday

    We meet at our office in Madrid for registration and proceed to class in a nice park and cafe just in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid.

  • tuesday

    We will have class in colorful Mercado San Miguel, where students will learn about local food and practice their skills.

  • wednesday

    We will have class in the retiro park and Crystal Palace area, a beautiful garden and open space where our students will have grammar, conversation and an activity.

  • thursday

    We will have class in museo del Prado, one of the most important museus in Europe.

  • friday

    Class in a local trendy cafe and art gallery.Leaving students will receive a certificate of attendance.

We guarantee you will learn from the best teachers, which are selected based on their skills, education and personality. ll our teachers have a degree in languages or related areas.We have competitive prices and all our courses include entrance tickets when required.

All students will receive a certificate after completing our courses. Each course lasts 4 weeks but students can study from 1 week.

Spanish immersion is proven to be the fastest way of learning Spanish. By practicing and listening to Spanish where it is spoken, students are able to retain information more effectively. Moreover, we know students visiting want to have a different experience when compared to staying in a classroom. Our main advantages are:

  • Courses start every Monday
  • Levels based on Europen frame of reference
  • Innovative dynamic approach adapted to todays world
  • Tickets to museums and art galleries are included
  • Best teachers
  • Value for money
  • All ages welcome and class split in grammar, conversation, reading and writing
  • Students placed with peers in groups of a similar level.

*Students are required to take a Spanish test before arrival.