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Our Spanish school in Madrid offers language courses all year long starting every Monday. Learn Spanish in a different way... in total immersion as opposed to a traditional classroom. Classrooms are a thing of the past.We offer Spanish courses from beginners to intermediate and advanced students that allow them to discover our city.

Each year we welcome students from more than 30 different nationalities to study Spanish in Spain. Discover why Spain is the 3rd country in the world in terms of tourism while you learn spanish. We teach Spanish with a difference: Spanish lessons are held in museums, parks, cafes, and popular spots. Our goal is that you learn Spanish and discover Madrid.

Each Monday we meet at a meeting point in a popular area, from there we elaborate a schedule every week between locations that are easy to reach, in the most popular neighborhoods and that include Madrids top attractions.

We offer different courses, from group Spanish lessons to private lessons.

Upon completing each level, students will receive a certificate of course attendance. If you are looking for a place to learn, meet people, and discoveramazing Madrid Walk Spanish Madrid is the place to be!

Learn Spanish in Madrid

  • We hold our class outside of the classroom! You will learn in museums, parks, attractions, cafes and more places in the top neighborhoods. The goal is for your ear to get used to Spanish fast! Why learn Spanish in a traditional classroom in Madrid when you can do this home!
  • We think the best way to learn Spanish is Learn and Discover!
  • We are the only total immersion school based in Madrid, we have other branches in Latin America.
  • Our tests are fun and interactive, no sit down quizes: projects, team presentations, discussions and more!.
  • Follow your weekly progress with your teacher.
  • Learn Spanish in one of the top touristy cuntries in the world!.
  • All our teachers hold a degree in language studies and are selected according to their skills and personality.
  • With s6 diffrent levels, following the European frame of reference, you will discover Madrid with students of your same level. Our school received mainly students from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland Brazil, Denmark, South Africa, Japan, China and more! !

More About Us

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Start every Monday. Our courses are split into grammar, conversation, reading and writing. We have courses in group and also offer private lessons or a combination of both options. Our courses and groups are separated in different levels according to international standards.

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Madrid Spanish Language School

Learn Spanish at the only total immersion school in Spain. Our schools offers an innovative methodology based in learn and discover. Explore Madrid while you learn.

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Study Spanish in Madrid

Flamenco, art, an amazing nightlife, amazing people and food! Madrid is the perfect city to learn Spanish, discover one of Europes safest and most vibrant cities.

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