Madrid spanish schools and language courses frequently asked questions

You can start a course every Monday, to reseve you can fill the registration form in our website or send us an email with your booking details.
We ask all our students to complete a Spanish test online, through a link, this way we know which level students will have prior to arriving.
Because we are the only total immersion school. We offer Spanish lessons which include grammar, conversation, reading and writing outside of the classroom in museums, art galleries, parks, palaces, cafes and top spots in Madrid. Learning in a classroom Spanish is something you can do anywhere but ur goal is for you to learn fast and discover Madrid.
Most of our students come from the UK, USA, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Scandinavia and more. Our groups have an average of 4 -5 students per level, there are different levels.
We know clients want to learn through "experiences" so our lessons take place outside of a traditional classroom. Studies show that total immersion makes the brain and ear of travellers more adapated to a language than traditional teaching. In fact, tests are being adapated to this, since tradiional Spanish exams and accreditations have changed into a more immersion based approach. We dont evaluate students by a grammar 2 hours sittion test BUT by interviews, projects, presentations and different dynamics.
Each day in the morning we will meet at a meeting point in a central location in Madrid to start class. We will have class split into grammar, convesation, reading, writing and vocabulary.
Our experience is that students will learn faster with our methodology. We have schools in Latin America with this teaching method. Our teaching method is based on experience learning where students will learn through real life situations.
Yes, absolutely.
Our students avergae age ranges from 20-35. We recommend students over 60 to book private lessons as opposed to the group course. We do offer family courses, we can organize Spanish lessons for your family either privately or in groups.
Absolutely, you will receive a certificate.
you should book as soon as you have decided to take a Spanish course. We recommend 4 weeks at the least so you can complete at least one level. Please keep in mind if you come for only a week or so you should keep your expectations about learning Spanish realistic !
No, in fact most of our students would book accommodation in an Airbnb or idependently. Most students would book an Airbnb in Puerta del Sol (Centro), Salamanca, Malasaña and Chueca. We do recommend booking with us if its a host family.
Yes, absolutely, during the summer we try to put kids together. During the rest of the year and anytime, we offer private and semi private lessons for kids and families. We use special material for kids.